About us?

Since the project was started as one of the best companies that offer the most consumed Streaming services, the objective has been clear, to identify ourselves as the best distributor in Latin America of Netflix, HBO, Disney accounts and other services to clients who are lovers of the series and movies that are within the platform

For some time now, these services have been offered in different media. From recognized forums, to websites that question the buyer, not only about whether when making the payment they will have their service, but that it may work for the entire period that they contract. The good news is that yes, it is possible with us.

We are a responsible company that offers you totally original Netflix accounts with guarantees. In fact, offering a guarantee is perhaps unnecessary, since all of our customers, that is, 100% of all the thousands of users who have contacted us for streaming accounts over the years, have been satisfied with the service.

Why should you hire Multiservice Streaming services?

Among so many options to choose from, we know that our company does not offer the best prices, there are other platforms that offer streaming accounts at a much lower price. The question is, do they have the same quality, in addition to customer service like Multiservices? That is very difficult to compete.

In fact, if you find yourself with low prices on streaming accounts, you should investigate the age that these services have been offered in the market, as well as true reviews left by users that are totally real. Nowadays creating a Landing Page is very easy, and putting fake reviews is too.

In Multiservicios we have no need to deceive you and that is why we give you the opportunity to know in detail what the opinions of our customers are.


In addition to the confidence that the comments can offer you, you can also be sure that streaming services at low cost, at your fingertips and without having to pay by credit card are available to you just minutes after you can cancel your order. .

What if you can enjoy the full screens of Netflix? Of course, there is also availability for individual services, which have a much lower cost and are totally ideal if you only watch Netflix occasionally and there is no other family member in your house who requires the service.

How can I pay for Streaming services in Multiservices?

There are different payment methods that you can undoubtedly have at your fingertips to have your Netflix, HBO, or Disney streaming account without drops. Being able to cancel your payments to buy one of them is very easy and it will only take a few minutes.

From the moment you access the site, you have a single click the possibility of adding the product to the shopping cart. Through an intuitive payment gateway you can cancel it and in minutes receive the password and access email. In this way you will be having your totally original service, at your fingertips in a few minutes and without drops.

Contact information

In the event of any unexpected incident, we can assist you from different means. Remember that each of the streaming services, be it Netflix, HBO or Disney, are backed with guarantees that allow you to recover the account and keep it active during the remaining membership.


In relation to Netflix, you can enjoy a full account of 4 screens. It is still an attractive option for resellers, as they can sell 1 account as 1 screen, and set a pin for each one. In this way you can buy an account with us, have the guarantee that it will not fail and thus distribute a totally safe and profitable Netflix account to 4 different clients throughout the month.

This process can be carried out with multiple accounts, you can consult with us the packs of advantages for resellers in the contact information that has been formulated above.

If you have the opportunity to try our services after a bad experience, do it and we assure you that every month you can count on our guaranteed service without annoying drops. There is nothing more horrible than wanting to spend the afternoon or night wanting to see your favorite series and not being able to, due to a fall, that the providers may not answer you for it on the same day.

FORGET ABOUT THE FALLS, hire quality STREAMING services, hire Multiserviciostreaming.com Your best provider when it comes to watching your favorite series.